December 8, 11am — 7pm

Listening NOW Hunters Point

NOW Hunters Point was created as part of a plan to revitalize the site of a former PG&E power plant in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco. envelope A+D devised a strategy that utilizes live prototyping not only to test objects — like the listening booth used to record neighborhood narratives — but to establish a way of engaging community members that is reciprocal and respectful.

NOW Hunters Point is framed around an incremental, community-led, design-forward approach in which an array of interim-use pieces are brought into the site over time. Over the lifespan of the project these small, temporary elements will be rotated and refined as people vote with their feet about what uses are best suited for the site and its visitors.

The first element of this larger project, listening_NOW_hunters point, brings the national oral history non-profit StoryCorps to NOW Hunters Point for a series of recording days which will capture the history of the people who make up the community, as well as begin the conversation about what is to come.