About the Project

NOW Hunters Point has transformed a former industrial landscape into a dynamic activity center – a place of restoration and renewal in the Bayview Hunters Point community.

In working towards these changes, NOW Hunters Point embraces an interactive community engagement process to understand what is wanted and needed – and what will be loved –  by the community. Input from event attendees and local partners serves as a guide for the design, programming, and future visioning of the site.

Starting in 2013 with the National Day of Listening, we have since hosted almost 600 hours of programming to over 30,000 members of the community. During this time, the site and the surrounding neighborhood have been a staging ground for activities working to engage people in a conversation about what this place can become.

Now, after almost a decade of active co-creation and space transformation, NOW Hunters Point is winding down as PG&E plans for long term development. We are eternally grateful to all of you, especially the Bayview-Hunters Point community, for joining us at so many events, sharing your thoughts on the past, present and future of this neighborhood, and for creating so much joy through your presence on the site. We are also grateful to our incredible roster of partners for their passion, commitment and generosity in allowing us to work with them to support and uplift the community.

Public Transport


The closest BART station is 24th St. Mission, a 10 minute drive to the site.

More information on BART: http://www.bart.gov/


The closest MUNI Metro stop is Evans on the T Line, a 15 minute walk to the site.

More information about Muni Metro: https://www.sfmta.com/


The closest Muni bus lines are 19, 44, and 54.

More information about Muni Bus: https://www.sfmta.com/

Go to 511.org for real time information on BART, train, bus and bike options.