July 11, 11:00AM


ADULT LEARN-TO-RIDE with SF Bike Coalition! You must PRE-REGISTER for this class in advance HERE

This class is in English and Spanish. Para español, haga clic aquí.

It’s never too late to learn to bicycle! Instructors will work one-on-one to assist participants in learning the basics of balancing, starting, stopping and steering a bike, as well as proper helmet fit and adjustment. Most people learn to ride their bike while taking the class, but even if they don’t, they will leave with tips to continue teaching themselves to ride.

The first step will be balancing on your bicycle; instructors will first remove the pedals and lower the seat enough so that you can put both feet on the ground.

You’ll learn balance by taking longer and longer steps until you’re “gliding.”

Then, once you’ve got that down, we’ll show you how to turn confidently and stop smoothly.

Once you feel comfortable, we’ll reinstall the pedals, so you can incorporate pedaling and learning to steer, and how to steer precisely in circles and figure-eights.

You’ll finish your lesson by learning how to shift gears so you can handle hills and prepare for more city riding.

All participants MUST either bring a bike or rent a bike in advance. Bikes will not be available for rental at the class. If you don’t have a bicycle, we will send information on how to rent one for the class. The cost of bike rental (if needed) will be covered by you, the participant. If the cost of a bike rental (about $20) is a challenge for you, please email or call at‪ (415) 409-9416, as we have some limited funding available for rentals.